Nazmus Computers


  1. Our Terms of Service must be abided by and respected by all Nazmus Computers Staff as well as clients. This is a legally binding contract. If anyone shall break this contract we will be forced to take action whether it is shutting down your account or legal action if necessary.

  2. Nazmus Computers is a company based on creating custom computers, custom servers, and doing custom upgrades to already made servers.

  3. Nazmus Computers reserves the right to refuse services. As of now we do NOT provide the following type(s) of services:
    • Work on Macintosh and other Apple Brand computers
    • Creating and upgrading Macs
    • Upgrades on computers more than 7 years old
    • Upgrades and Creations of laptops  
    • Software Modifications

  4. Nazmus Computers may not be held responsible for defective parts, all complaints of that must be directed to the manufacturer. Nazmus Computers may help with this if brought to our attention.
  5. If any part of the original hardware provided by Nazmus Computers is tampered with, the warranty (provided by both Nazmus Computers and the hardware manufacturer) will be void. No exceptions.
  6. Payments are to be made by Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, or with a verified PayPal address.
  7. There are no refunds for service work. If you are dissatisfied with your computer parts, you may contact Nazmus Computers to return any of the parts for a refund to the original store. Restocking fee may apply.
  8. Payment for parts MUST be made before the computer is built. Payment for service may be made before or after the job has been completed. However, the finished product will not be given to the customer until payment for service has been made.
  9. We will ship the custom computers anywhere in NYC Personally except for Staten Island.
  10. If you live elsewhere and would still like us to ship it to you, please contact us for a quote on shipment price by UPS or FedEX.
  11. The Terms stated above must be abided by all parties.
  12. Our terms of Service are Subject to review every month. Changes may be made to please make sure to check back and be aware of any changes that may be done.
  13. Nazmus Computers is not responsible for anyone ignoring our Terms of Service.
  14. Any and all questions about our Terms and/or Service should be emailed to

Nazmus Computers Terms of Service