Nazmus Computers

Privacy Policy

  1. Nazmus Computers will never give out information to third parties without permission.

  2. Nazmus Computers will provide information to government officials ONLY with a warrant.

  3. Nazmus Computers does not and will not store any credit card information on our website in anyway.
  4. In the future if credit card processing is enabled through the web, Nazmus Computers will use a SSL Certificate to keep credit card information safe.
  5. We will never sell client information to anyone for any form of compensation.
  6. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be placed here and it can be made at any given moment. An e-mail notification MAY be given out to our current clients letting them know that there has been changes in our Privacy Policy. The extent of Privacy Policy change will determine whether it is worthy of being mentioned in an email announcement.
  7. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Acceptable User Policy, or Juna Web as a whole please contact our support department at any time. If you believe that changes should be made in our Policy please speak out and all comments and recommendations will be taken into consideration.

Nazmus Computers Privacy Policy