Nazmus Computers

I've provided the service of building custom computers for several years, but now I show you how to build your own PC from Scratch with a series of videos uploaded to youtube. I provide very detailed explanations on what you'll need and what you will have to do in order to build the PC and make it flawless.

If you have any problems building, please feel free contact me and let me know or if you still want me to build a PC for you, contact me and I'll get you a quote as soon as possible.

You can click on the tutorial links below to be forwarded to the page for each tutorial. Be sure to watch all the parts in order to fully understand.

How To Build Your Own PC Tutorial:

  1. Click Here to Watch Part 1 - Introduces all the Parts you will need.
  2. Click Here to Watch Part 2 - Install CD & Hard Drive and Motherboard.
  3. Click Here to Watch Part 3 - Install the CPU, RAM, Graphicscard, and Some Wiring.
  4. Click Here to Watch Part 4 - See how to Finish the Wiring.
  5. Click Here to Watch Part 5 - How to modify BIOS and Install the OS.